Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Victories, Defeats and Everything In Between

Join the entire Sports Narrative Radio Show crew as we take 90 minutes to recap the entire weekend in the world of sports for you and give our own unique take on the events of the weekend!
- A discussion of the Alabama vs TX A&M game and how Johnny Football is the most unpredictable player in all of CFB
- The rest of the weekend in the college ranks including "Is this the final days of Mack Brown at Texas?"
- A full report on all of the goings-on in the NFL with a full view of the Cowboys narrow defeat in KC
- Baseball talk and the disasterous weekend for the Texas Rangers
- And finally some levity and unique perspective on life for a barstool at Mick's Pub
With all that and so much more, how can you not listen?!
Monday from 7:30-9PM CDT or anytime on Itunes or podcast

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Favorite Quote from this week's show:
[Dustin]: Lightning can kill people
[Darren]: GOOD!

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