Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game Show Week #4 vs NO

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2-1 is where the Dallas Cowboys find themselves going into a primetime Sunday Night Football matchup with the Saints. It's the fifth time in the last six seasons that the Boys have started the year winning two of their first three games. Only once in those years have they made the playoffs, and they haven't been 3-1 since 2008. Will anything be different this year?

Dallas will have to beat the odds and avenge last year's record setting Week 10 embarrassment against the Saints.

Dustin Copening, Jeff Feltman and Darren Boyd walk you through last week's road win over the Rams. The guys break down all the drama from the week following that historic 34-31 comeback as well.

Jeff Bowers returns via the miracle of recorded audio for the Slant and Inside the Numbers, with his handy chalkboard by his side, while audio for coaches and players from both squads has been carefully selected to expand your football brain and get you prepped for this week's contest.

It doesn't appear that many of the "experts" have faith in the Cowboys ability to knock off New Orleans at home. Is anyone from the Sports Narrative gang willing to go out on that limb?

Finally, the matchups of intrigue take center stage and the boys bid you a fond farewell until Week 5.

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Hello Dallas/Fort Worth Let's Talk Sports!

This week's episode dedicated to the memory of long-time DFW sportscaster Max Morgan. Stay Hard, Max!

- We discuss the bevy of press conferences, starting with the NFL including the Ravens vs OTL, kharma strikes Ray McDonald and more

- It always seems like the games come secondary in the NFL and that is just sad. This week we focus on the Cowboys riding high (or are they?), the Jets vs the refs, duds in GB and Det and so much more

- Turning to College Football, the "uniform-gate" J Winston scandal dominates the headlines. But also included is Wisconsin running wild, Michigan's a dumpster fire, UNT blowout and (my favorite) THE PIRATE IS BACK!

- TIme to wander into Mick's Pub for a break from sports and reality. A mercurial Mick discusses the stories of the day and gives his own unique (and usually offensive) take on the world

- Hour 2 takes us to baseball as the season comes to a close (mercifully for the Texas Rangers). Dustin talks about the Wash press conference and bright spots for the club moving forward while Feltman previews possible playoff matchups in both leagues

- We finish with News and Notes including new Mavs uniforms, Stars are 1-0 (sort of), EPL upset weekend and so much more

So join us, won't you? It will be the best 2 hours you can spend this week. LIVE Wed Sept 24th from 8:30p to 10:30p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Pre-game Show Week 3 @ StL Rams

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The Dallas Cowboys find themselves at 1-1 and heading into a Week 3 matchup against the St. Louis Rams for a second consecutive year. This season they will need to win on the road if they are to improve to 2-1.

Dustin Copening is joined by Jeff Bowers, Jeff Feltman, and Darren Boyd as the guys take a look at a shocking run dominated Cowboys win against the Titans in Week 2. Is this a sign of things to come, or a mirage in the 8-8 desert?

Then the gang gets you set for the noon kick at Edward Jones Stadium, with the Coach's Slant. Bowers is finally live with his chalkboard, while Jason Garrett, Jeff Fisher, and all three phases of the Rams coaching staff share their insight into this Week 3 tilt.

Inside the numbers we go to look at Orlando Scandrick's return and the impact it will have on an unexpectedly effective Cowboys D. The Rams starting QB for the game is still up in the air, so we hear from both possible pigskin tossers. Plus, will Jason Witten ever catch a TD pass again?

Dustin was the only one bold enough (or dumb enough) to go with the Cowboys last week. Will he stick with Dallas again this week, and can he convince anyone else to join him?

Finally, we look at the matchups of intrigue once again, and the Jets and Dolphins will be under fire as Bowers and Boyd take cover.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Politics of Sports

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It seems as though the respit from reality that is sports has been overrun with poitics, noise and misbehaving. But The Sports Narrative Radio Show will soldier on and face these issues with a mix of sobriety and humor. On this episode:

- Hour 1 of the show is always centered anround football so we start in college football including blowing the coin flip, the worst coach in the SEC and more!

- Transitioning to the NFL, topics include TIMEOUT, Cowboys good or Locker terrible, my NFL conspiracy theory and more

- Be sure to tune into to segment 3 as we bring back Sports NPR Style, this week discussing the politics in the sports world, from domestic violence to child abuse to racism and more. Has this ruined sports for you? Is this reflective for society or isolated? We also welcome your thoughts at (347) 308-8637

- Deep philosophical discussion should always be followed by the silliness we find at Mick's Pub. This week, Mick's Dr Who recap, thoughts on cars (probably) and the award-winning Ride The Lightning

- Baseball is reaching the home stretch with the A's barely hanging on, the O's clinching and the Rangers battlng for the #1 pick. Mr Feltman and Dustin lead the segment

- We finish up with news and notes including hockey on the horizon, Fedex cashing in, EPL and UEFA updates and whatecer else we have time to squeeze in

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

SNP's Dallas Cowboys Pre-game Show Week #2 @ Titans

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Shame is what any Cowboys fan should feel for thinking that this Dallas team had a chance against a superior foe in Week 1. Dustin Copening and Jeff Feltman are back to lick their wounds for daring to go against the tide and predict a Cowboys win over the 49ers.

The guys break down that Week 1 disaster, looking at the pivotal plays that doomed the Boys. Was this just another bad game for Tony Romo, or is it a sign that he will never again return to the form that brought him acclaim and scrutiny?

This week's matchup looked like a probable win several months ago, but Tennessee just handled the Chiefs on the road, and they are pumped to begin their home schedule this week in Nashville. Titans coordinators Ray Horton and Jason Michael give their take on what Dallas will bring in to LP Field on Sunday, and Rod Marinelli expects to use a defensive set that could spell doom for Dallas.

Opposing players once admired the allure of the Cowboys, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, and Dustin may have unearthed the worst fight song ever made.

Finally Copening and Feltman try to rebound from last week's illogical pick of Dallas to win by using their brains to deduce what the noon kickoff will bring for a Dallas squad fighting to get to .500 on the season.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Your Mid-Week Sports Update

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When football season begins, The Sports Narrative Radio Show kicks into high gear with 2 shows per week! Join us Wednesday Nights at 9pm CDT for 90 mins of jam-packed sports talk then again on Sat nights for our Cowboys/NFL Preview show! On tonight's episode:

- Roger Goodell continues to twist in the wind over this Ray Rice situation. We recap all the happenings and give our hot sports opinions on the whole issue

- With all the stories off the field, oh by the way Week 1 in the NFL happened. We fly all over the NFL landscape with a new segment called "Giveaways/Takeaways"

- To round out the first hour of football talk, we discuss the college football slate of games including the collapse of the Big Ten, a long season in Austin, UNT ends another QB's season and more

- We gotta wash down all that meaty football talk with a drink at Mick's Pub. The Mick will catch us up on celebrity hacked photos, new IPhones, Dr Who and so much more!

- My Rangers fandom is held by a tenuous thread with the resignation of Ron Washington. Was it JD or something far more sinister?

- We finish with news and notes including more NBA racism, Tennis, EPL, hockey and whatever else we can get in.

So give us a listen and tell a friend or two. LIVE Wed Sept 10th from 9-10:30p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Advice for Roger Goodell

By Jeff Bowers

Back in the Spring when Mark Cuban made his bold claim that the NFL Empire, much like the Romans, was nearing its fall from atop the sports landscape (link here), I and many others thought he was merely jealous or mistaken or both. Six months later, it seems Rome is indeed burning with Commissioner Goodell presiding with fiddle in hand. This Ray Rice fiasco is merely just the latest case of incompetence by this league in recent years. From concussions to Bountygate to misbehaving owners and inconsistent punishments, Goodell's tenure at the helm has been rocky at best. So here is my advice to the Commissioner to not only help his league, but also possibly save his job in 3 easy steps.

Step One: Give Up Some Power 

It has become abundantly clear that the responsibility of doling out punishment for naughty players, coaches, officials or owners is too much for one man to handle. The amount of investigation and due diligence needed to properly maintain a level consistency and responsibility far exceeds the effort displayed by the league in the past few years. From the early overreactions (like Bountygate) that were overturned by the courts to the massive under reactions (like Spygate or this Ray Rice situation), it seems as though Goodell's objective is like defending a Hail Mary: just knock it down as quickly as possible.

Therefore, I would advise the Commish to set up a special council charged with administering justice for wrong-doers. This council of 3 to 7 people would be made up of former players, execs, law enforcement and coaches (I'm looking at you, Tony Dungy) and would have a staff to help fully investigate transgressions and would write briefs on each case with dissents also included. The Commissioner would retain his power to hear appeals, but this takes the burden and the blood off of his hands and thus the league's. Showing the humility to give up a chunk of this power would also probably help him keep his job as well.

Step Two: Use It or Lose It 

Step Two is referring to the NFL's "non-profit" status (details here). An organization that produces as much money as the entire GDP of the country of Malta should either be an amazing force for charity in this country and around the world (as opposed to merely promoting its own product and convincing moms that their violent sports is "safe") or should voluntarily give up that tax break. Given the black eyes the league has suffered recently, I might recommend going with the former.

Might I advise a somewhat "biblical" solution: take 10% off the top for external charitable organizations (starting here) before distributing it to a bunch of billionaires with fixed labor costs.

Step Three: Universal Healthcare 

Even with all the vitriol around this Ray Rice situation, the biggest threat to the NFL's future is still the health and well-being of its players. The concussion issue is no where near resolved, despite the settlement reached in the lawsuit, and the safety of the game has become an issue in homes around America. To keep football from going the way of boxing due to it's violent nature, the Commissioner must take some bold action. But this issue is perhaps the easiest to solve by doing what every other corporation in America is required by law to do: provide healthcare! Not team trainers, but actual healthcare plans. Once a player gets tenure (maybe 17 active games?) he is enrolled in the league healthcare plan FOR LIFE. I figure, if Congress can do it, anyone can. These players deserve this for the sacrifices they make on the field and puts the responsibility for their health on them, thus absolving the league from any long term effects incurred from their game. By giving these players an outlet and incentive to care for themselves and their future, the NFL can truly be said to "care" for their players with financial support.

With these 3 easy steps, perhaps Commissioner Goodell can put out the torches the villages are carrying to the league's doorstep and preserve the future of the NFL for years to come.

[UPDATE: Given Roger Goodell's insistence on pleading innocence or at least innocence, I can no longer find a way for him to retain his job. However, that does not mean that the next commissioner shouldn't heed this advice. Please NFL, fix this game that we love so we can enjoy it without one eye closed!]

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game Show Week 1

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Strap your helmet on and get ready for another action packed and insightful year of The Sports Narrative's Dallas Cowboys Pregame Show. The expectations for the Cowboys are as low as they've been since the Jason Garrett era began. Even Jerry Jones has expressed his pessimism about the Boys season.

It all begins Sunday afternoon in Arlington against the favored San Francisco 49ers.

Dustin Copening and Jeff Feltman are here to guide you through Week 1, with expert input from Jeff Bowers. The guys bring back the staples from last year, with the Coach's Slant and a look Inside The Numbers.

Finally, they give their predictions for Week 1 and the Cowboys season as a whole, and then take a look at other matchups of note in the NFC East and the rest of the NFL.

Welcome back for another year, and thanks for listening.