Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Podcast Episode 12 11.16.11

Jeff and "The Mick" discuss the wide world of sports, week 10 in the NFL, the Stanford Axe and the Cal-Stanford rivalry, picks for NFL week 11, and of course college football and the Penn State scandal.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Playoff Projections Week 10

Hey Sports Fans,

First, allow me to apologize for last weeks picks (4-11 record Ouch!) but it seems as though several teams got the same dose of reality I was force fed. In lieu of doing an entire Power Ranking post each week and quibbling over which team is 20th versus 21st, I am going to instead just post my projection for the playoff bracket, based on upcoming schedule, level of play, etc. Hope you enjoy and feel free to post comments if you feel snubbed. Be Good and Be Well!

NFC Playoff Teams

1. Green Bay Packers(15-1) - might actually pull off 16-0
2. San Fransisco 49ers(13-3) - a bad ass defense and a crappy division
3. New Orleans Saints(11-5) - big win last week and in the driver seat
4. New York Giants(10-6) - still have them over Dallas, but only just
Wild Card Teams
5. Chicago Bears(11-5) - jumped over Lions convincingly
6. Atlanta Falcons(10-6) - Have just enough to get in
Outside Looking In
7. Detroit Lions(10-6) - derailed by Stafford's broken hand
8. Dallas Cowboys(9-7) - talent can't overcome mental mistakes

AFC Playoff Teams

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) - also could swap for Baltimore
2. New England Patriots (12-4) - won the division Sunday night
3. Houston Texans(10-6) - will limp to the finish with Leinart
4. Oakland Raiders(9-7) - last game against SD is the key
Wild Card Teams
5. Baltimore Ravens(11-5) - stupid losses to SEA and JAX
6. New York Jets(10-6) - easy schedule puts them in
Outside Looking In
7. Cincinnati Bengals(9-7) - still have 3 against Pitt and Balt
8. San Diego Chargers(8-8) - could cost Norv his job

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 10 Picks

Sorry for being late on the picks and not getting them up before last night's game. However, since I had picked the Chargers to win and cover, I will say you're welcome! Btw, last night caused me to slightly change my playoff projections from the previous post: substitute the Raiders for San Diego with the same 9-7 record. Looks like Palmer might be knocking the rust off well! Here's the rest of the week 10 picks (Bold face team is the pick):

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys (-5.5) - As I always say, you give me the superior team and points, I will take it!

New Orleans @ Atlanta Falcons (Pick) - I think the Dirty Birds have figured it out.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (+3) - Cincy is not quite ready to play with the big dogs yet.

St Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns (-3) - Too much Steven Jackson in this one.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts (+3) - Think the Colts will finally get off the deck this week. Enjoy it, cuz it'll probably be the only one.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs (-3) - That stupid Tebow option has about as much staying power as Beanie Babies did.

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins (-4) - The Fish are terrible at home, and the Skins can still play defense. Low scoring affair.

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles (NL) - With Kolb out, the Cards are fresh meat for a hungry Eagles defense

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) - Scary pick here, but Houston has been playing great and TB just acquired cancer with Albert Haynesworth

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers (-3.5) - Look for Cam to have a killer day, and a Jake Locker appearance for the Titans

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks (+6.5) - I truly believe the Ravens will win, but I expect it will far closer than Ravens fans will like

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears (-3) - The Lions are the better team, and will show some grit by winning on the road

New York Giants @ San Fransisco 49ers (-3.5) - The Niners defense is championship caliber, but their offense isn't and that's the difference in this contest

New England Patriots @ New York Jets (-2) - These are not your father's Pats, and no vertical threat is a killer against that Jets D

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-13) - The Packers win, but look for Adrian Peterson to give the Pack all they want and more

Good Luck and let's win them all!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11.9.11 Podcast EP 11

Jeff and Ramon quick hit the latest hot topics in sports, recap NFL week 9, rehash the Patriots vs Jets rivalry, and discuss the Penn State scandal.


Halfway Point Playoff Re-Write

What a crazy half-season in the NFL so far! The biggest way you can tell things are crazy is that I am doing better than Vegas in picks, going 11-3 including nailing the MNF score exactly at 30-24 Bears. Good Times! So having reevaluated what we know thus far and projecting the the schedule the rest of the way, here's my projections for the playoffs by seeding. Just my opinion, but feel free to comment on your teams fate! Reminder: This week's podcast will get posted on time (sorry about last week) and picks will be up tomorrow due to the start of Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network. Good Luck!

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Baltimore Ravens 12-4
2. New York Jets 11-5
3. Houston Texans 11-5
4. San Diego Chargers 9-7
Wild Card Teams
5. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
6. New England Patriots 10-6
Outside Looking In
7. Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
8. Buffalo Bills 9-7

AFC Championship Game: Jets @ Ravens

NFC Playoff Picture

1. Green Bay Packers 15-1
2. San Francisco 49ers 12-4
3. Atlanta Falcons 11-5
4. New York Giants 10-6
Wild Card Teams
5. Detroit Lions 12-4
6. New Orleans Saints 10-6
Outside Looking In
7. Chicago Bears 9-7
8. Philadelphia Eagles 9-7

NFC Championship Game: Falcons @ Packers

SuperBowl XLVI - Jets over Packers 30-27 (Homer Pick!!!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.2.11 Podcast EP 10

Jeff and guest host "The Mick" break down Week 9 in the NFL, discuss college vs pro football, make picks on the upcoming week and of course preview the latest "Game of the Century" between LSU-Bama


Friday, November 4, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 9

By popular opinion, I have decided to post each week's picks against the spread. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only. And with my track record, if you lose your house, that's on you, buddy! Team in bold is the pick. Enjoy!

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys (-11)
 - I fully expect the Boys to win, but 11 points seems a bit high for a team with only 1 more win.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (-2)
 - This should be a great game, but I think the Jets D and Aaron Maybin will be the difference.

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts (+7)
 - The punishment continues for the hapless Colts. 0-16 looks ominous.

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs (-4)
 - An upset special here, as I think the Fins pull their first win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints (-8.5)
 - To much motivation for the Saints here to not predict a blow out.

San Fransisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins (+3.5)
 - Despite the noon, east coast starting time, Harbaugh has his team rolling. Skins just need more talent.

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans (-10.5)
 - A lot of points to lay, but the Browns barely have a RB on the roster.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans (-2.5)
 - The better team and I'm getting points? Yes please!

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders (-8)
 - Tebow is going to find out just how scary the Black Hole can be!

New York Giants @ New England Patriots (-9)
 - Made a slight change in this pick, as I think the G-Men will cover, but not win. Too bad!

St Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals (-1.5)
 - The ridiculous road for the Rams is finally over, and they should finall start putting together some wins.

Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers (+5.5)
 - The Pack will eventually lose a game, just not this week. But this will probably be closer than expected.

Batimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)
 - This game should be a war, but Big Dumb Ben will be the difference.

Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles (-8)
 - In the words of Flava Flav "Don't believe the hype!" I look for the Bears to win outright.

Good luck, and let's win them all!

P.S. For the college game this weekend, I like the Bama (-4.5) over the Tigers 33-27. Roll Tide!