Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Most Controversial Show Ever

Welcome to The Sports Narrative Radio, the most popular weekly sports show on the internet done by 4 guys in their underwear! So put on your tin foil hats as we talk controversy through out the world of sports On this week's episode:

- Is Tiger Woods only back to boost ratings in golf?

- Is the ESPYs the worst day in sports every year?

- Is John Daniels, the President of the Texas Rangers, a tyrant?

- Did the NBA influence LeBron's decision to go back to Cleveland?

- Will Johnny Football make it to Training Camp sober?

- Is The Mick responsible fot the tragedy of the Malayasian Flight?

All these hard hitting questions will be answered LIVE July 19th from 11a-1p CDT

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cleveland: The Center of the Sports Universe

Has Cleveland become the centor of the sports universe? The Sports Narrative Radio Show is ON THE AIR! On this episode:

- With LeBron returning to Cleveland, the Prodigal Son has returned. We discuss the ramifications for the Cavs and the rest of the NBA, including your Dallas Mavericks

- The Midsummer Classic is upon us. A look at the game and the league in mid July, including the disasterous Texas Rangers

- With the All-Star Game approaching, that also means we are near THE WORST DAY ON THE SPORTS CALENDAR! Mr Bowers gives you tips to surviving this dreadful event

- We wander into Mick's Pub to hear stories about cars, nerd stuff and current events from the mercurial and sidistic character known only as The Mick

- The World Cup reaches it's conclusion this weekend. We preview the finals, discuss the results of the semi-finals and rate the success or failure of Brazil's hosting of the games

- The show concludes with a grab bag of news and notes including Johnny Manziel in a bathroom, NFL Training Camps begin, Wimbledon Finals, British Open and Tiger, NASCAR and more

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Sports, Fun, Fireworks, America and Sports

Come celebrate the long July 4th weekend with The Sports Narrative boys as we talk sports and have some laughs! On this episode:

- We recap the World Cup happenings, including the US lost to Belgium, the state of soccer in America and the remaining draw

- Hockey talk in July?! Yep! With the start of free agency in the NHL, Dustin Copening looks at the big moves the Dallas Stars made and whether they will be serious contenders next year

- The money in the NBA thus far has been stupid and the rumors have been juicy. Jeff Bowers discusses the ever-changing landscape in the NBA and the "Plan B's" for several teams

- It's high noon and time to wander into Mick's Pub for some randomness, nerdiness and general wrongness.

- Mr Feltman leads a serious baseball discussion involving young players to look out for across the Majors, a review of the big trade between the Cubs and A's and more

- The NFL season is just around the corner and a certain move made this week has Mr Bowers in a ranting mood.

- We finish up with news and notes including the Wimbledon Finals, some College Football notes and more.

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Let's Go Sports Crazy

With the 30th anniversary of the Purple Rain album happening this week, The Sports Narrative Radio Show goes all Prince for this packed 2 hour presentation! On this episode:

- We talk some World Cup, from biting to backing in to knockout rounds and more!

- The NBA offseason is heating up with rumors and the draft! Mr. Bowers takes a victory lap with Tyson Chandler and the Mavs (not so fast)

- We wander into Mick's Pub for some brews, some laughs and some nerdiness

- It's time to talk baseball as we reach the halfway point of the season. A look ahead to the All-Star Game, some poor sportsmanship by Kins, etc

- Finish it up with some news and notes including the NHL Draft and Free Agency, NFL Notes including more DWIs for the Cowboys, Tiger failing and whatever else we can squeeze in!

 All that and your calls too at (347) 308-8637

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I Believe That We Will Win

Join us for a special Friday Night presentation of The Sports Narrative Radio Show! On tonight's episode:

- We discuss the amazing US victory over Ghana and preview their chances vs Portugal on Sunday as well as a fun World Cup-themed gameshow

- The Spurs win the championship, but the NBA keeps on with the NBA Draft on Thursday. We put a bow on the season and look ahead to the offseason

- With the other sports ending, the NFL is ramping up. We get into an in-depth look at Tony Romo, from his health, his ability to win, the team around him and the Johnny Football shadow

- Baseball lost a great in HOFer Tony Gwynn. We pay respect to his career and look at how he influenced today's game as well as talk Kershaw no-no and more.

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Building a Champion

Welcome to The Sports Narrative Radio Show for a very special Father's Day edition! On this week's episode:

- We focus on building a champion, starting with the US Open and the Stanley Cup Champs in LA

- Mr. Feltman takes us into baseball talk with an interesting discussion on building from the bottom and of course we have more injuries for the snake-bit Texas Rangers

- Of course we must talk World Cup, and we are joined by our soccer analyst, Ms Katie O'Keefe, and give our predicitions

- It's time then to wander into Mick's Pub where we will be joined by another special guest and then RIde The Lightning

- Speaking of champions, the NBA Finals will wrap up this week, perhaps sooner than expected . . .

- FInally we have a big segment about all the lawsuits in sports, from Donald Sterling to the Redskins controversy and the Ed O'Bannon case

All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

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The Greatest Show of All . . . OH CRAMP!

Listen to The Sports Narrative Radio Show as we hydrate well and prepare for 2 solid hours of red-hot sports talk! On this week's episode:

- We discuss the looming World Cup and whether or not it might be coming to America sooner than expected

- A big, meaty discussion on baseball including debating philosophies for building a franchise and a game on the CWS

- Rangers vs Kings in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals did not disappoint (unless your a NYR fan). We preview Game 2 and the rest of the series

- It's High Noon and time for Mick's Pub. We talk about . . . well who knows! And, of course, we Ride the Lightning

- FInally we get to NBA Finals talk, AC-Gate, Churros, Lebron and more!

- We finish with SO MANY notes from around the sports Landscape including French Open in Tennis, US Open in golf, Indy cars in Texas, NFL Draft on the move, NASCAR and more

All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

So grab a gatorade, stretch throughly and listen in LIVE June 7th from 11a-1p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at

Live from DFW Classic Cars in Grapevine

Come join the Sports Narrative gang in Grapevine as they celebrate the Grand Opening of DFW Classic Cars and Zena Communications. There will be smoked fajitas with all the fixin's, Verizon on hand with swag, and quality sports talk, of course. There is plenty of room to get away from the elements if the rain or heat tries to get in the way of your good time, so being your favorite beverage and celebrate responsibly with The Sports Narrative.

- We discuss the soap opera of Donald Sterling and the NBA Finals

- A devastating blow to the Cowboys 2014 chances as well as other notes from around the NFL

- The Rangers continue to hang tough despite the crazy rash of injuries and a look at the rest of the Majors w/ Jeff Feltman

- So many other events this time of year, from Indy to golf to World Cup and more

- A look at the Stanley Cup finals and a special narrative on the 1994 NY Rangers

All that and more LIVE from 12-2p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at

Memorial Day Show

Start your Memorial Day weekend right with The Sports Narrative Radio Show! On this episode:

- More injuries for the Texas Rangers and a look at the rest of the MLB

- The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and we discuss the crazy "luck?" in Cleveland with the Draft Lottery

- Our "Sports-NPR Style" will discuss the comments of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: Is this a media=produced story or a courageous and honest opinion? And we'll take your calls too at (347)308-8637

- Serious debate always makes us thirsty, so we take a trip to Mick's Pub and hear about events in the world and other stuff, including the infamous Ride The Lightning segment

- It's always football season! We kick around the hypocisy of the Jim Irsay situation, some Vegas over/under win totals and more

- We finish up with News and Notes including a return trip to the Stanley Cup Finals for NYR, the Texas Two Step in golf, World Cup Soccer controversy, the case against the NCAA and more.

Listen LIVE Saturday May 25th from 11a-1p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at