Friday, July 18, 2014

The Greatest Show of All . . . OH CRAMP!

Listen to The Sports Narrative Radio Show as we hydrate well and prepare for 2 solid hours of red-hot sports talk! On this week's episode:

- We discuss the looming World Cup and whether or not it might be coming to America sooner than expected

- A big, meaty discussion on baseball including debating philosophies for building a franchise and a game on the CWS

- Rangers vs Kings in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals did not disappoint (unless your a NYR fan). We preview Game 2 and the rest of the series

- It's High Noon and time for Mick's Pub. We talk about . . . well who knows! And, of course, we Ride the Lightning

- FInally we get to NBA Finals talk, AC-Gate, Churros, Lebron and more!

- We finish with SO MANY notes from around the sports Landscape including French Open in Tennis, US Open in golf, Indy cars in Texas, NFL Draft on the move, NASCAR and more

All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

So grab a gatorade, stretch throughly and listen in LIVE June 7th from 11a-1p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at

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