Friday, September 19, 2014

The Politics of Sports

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It seems as though the respit from reality that is sports has been overrun with poitics, noise and misbehaving. But The Sports Narrative Radio Show will soldier on and face these issues with a mix of sobriety and humor. On this episode:

- Hour 1 of the show is always centered anround football so we start in college football including blowing the coin flip, the worst coach in the SEC and more!

- Transitioning to the NFL, topics include TIMEOUT, Cowboys good or Locker terrible, my NFL conspiracy theory and more

- Be sure to tune into to segment 3 as we bring back Sports NPR Style, this week discussing the politics in the sports world, from domestic violence to child abuse to racism and more. Has this ruined sports for you? Is this reflective for society or isolated? We also welcome your thoughts at (347) 308-8637

- Deep philosophical discussion should always be followed by the silliness we find at Mick's Pub. This week, Mick's Dr Who recap, thoughts on cars (probably) and the award-winning Ride The Lightning

- Baseball is reaching the home stretch with the A's barely hanging on, the O's clinching and the Rangers battlng for the #1 pick. Mr Feltman and Dustin lead the segment

- We finish up with news and notes including hockey on the horizon, Fedex cashing in, EPL and UEFA updates and whatecer else we have time to squeeze in

So keep your ears listening, tell 4 friends and tune all your devices to The Sports Narrative Radio Show LIVE Wed Sept 17th from 830p-1030p CDT or anytime after on Itunes/podcasts or at

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