Friday, November 2, 2012

Cowboy's Blog by Darren Boyd

Cowboy Fans, 
This is a interesting offseaon coming up for the franchise in many ways, as we will no likely detail in many ways on the podcast. But the most important item on the docket might just be the Tony Romo situation. 2013 is the final year of his contract at a bloated 16.8 Mill Salary Cap figure that will no doubt call for an extenstion or a release. Will Jerry the GM pay a long term deal for a 32 year old QB? Jerry's history says absolutely that he will, as his propensity for paying aging players is well-established and maddening. But just in case he does not, I've previewed the Top 5 Senior QB's that will be available in the 2013 NFL Draft. Also Cowboy Fans, I believe in the former great general manager of the Packers, Ron Wolf, theory that you draft a QB every year. Teams like the Patriots, Packers and even the Seahawks this season show the validity of this theory. Of course, the Cowboys franchise have not drafted a QB since the failed Stephen McGee experiment, but they still need to get back on that horse to give themselves options going forward.
Here are my Top 5 Senior QB's, I'll add Juniors into the list as time goes by and some declare.
1. Geno Smith West Virginia 6'3 214 26 TDs 2 Ints - Exploded on the Heisman Scene with shootout wins over Baylor & Texas. Has comeback to Earth the last 2 weeks, also lost some of his weapons due to injuries. Positives: great pocket presences, spins the ball well, good deep ball. Negatives: not an elite athlete, Lack of accuracy when flushed out of the pocket Summary: Top 10 pick could go 1 st overall depnding on who gets the pick.

2. Matt Barkley USC 6'2 230 25 TDs 8 Ints - Started off the season as the Number 1 overall pick and Heisman Winner. My how times of changed. 2 losses to Stanford & Arizona have caused his stock to fall. A lot of scouts question if he is a system USC QB like Sean Salisbury and Matt Leinart or can he be a "Real" NFL signal caller. I feel that he will be a Top 20 pick because of his production.
3. Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6'3 220 16 TdDs 7 Ints - He started off the year with high hopes but was knocked out against Louisiana Monroe and set out the showcase game against Alabama. Despite his teams overall play, he has played well since then. He has the size and arm strength to make it in the NFL. I expect him to be a 1st Rounder & that is my last 1st Round Senior QB on the board.
4. EJ Manuel Florida St 6'4 245 16 TDs 4 Ints - He has the size that NFL teams want, he is a pocket QB and not a runner despite a 100 yard day on the ground against Clemson. He is an effective QB against a soft ACC Conference. A 2nd Round prospect to me but the way that NFL pushes QB prospects up the board. aka C Ponder, a team from the early 2nd Round might fall in love with his size and jump back into the late 1st Round to get him.
5. Landry Jones Oklahoma 6'4 230 12 TDs 4 Ints - I feel that the 2 losses to Kansas St and Notre Dame showed that he is not a NFL quality QB. He can make the easy wide open throw but his arm strength and accuracy are average at best. He has had several years to prove me wrong but has never been able to step up. He reminds me of a Kirk Cousins. A 3rd or 4th rounder career NFL backup with zero upside.
To get this out of the way. Collin Klein may very well win the Heisman Trophy but by no means is he a future NFL QB. Last thought, the NFL trade deadline is tomorrow, If I am GM Jerry, I would offer the St Louis Rams a 4th Rounder for Steven Jackson. This would make up for the wrong of passing on him and trading back for Julius " Im out of the NFL already" Jones. Jackson has 1 year left on his contract and is a massive upgrade to the fragile Felix "Soon to be Gone" Jones.
(Note: The trade deadline came and went without any action. Guess Jerry's "Go for it" mentality really has been cruched by the Sean Lee injury)

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