Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bottom of the Bottle

Bottom of the Bottle

from The Mick

Your old pal The Mick is back and like freaky psychic. I know. Last week I brought up the classic debate between Star Wars and Star Trek and mentioned that Star Wars has the possibility of infinite run. Well, I guess someone else agrees. Mind you that it’s starting off a little slow, but, you can’t start a revolution instantly, ground work must be laid.

Disney buys LucasArts for $4.05 BILLION DOLLARS! That is a little bit of cheddar. Of course half a second after Lucas signed over the company Disney said "We are making Star Wars 7 and 8 and 9". Then promptly threw a contract in front of George to consult on the films and give the Company his soul. Which I think is good, from a certain point of view.

Sure in a Disney version Han wouldn't shoot first and I have a bad feeling about this, but, it should be fine. Our sanitized world can't handle an aggressive antihero. The only medium you can find a killer (and I mean murderous) hero is in a video game. In six films you will find a soda can worth of blood and that's only in the films made 30 plus years ago. I smell Disney already. Not once does anyone cuss or even come close to swearing. Samuel L. Jackson was clean as a whistle. What I wouldn't have given to hear him yell "Die you mother f@(king Sith" when he was fighting the Emperor. That would've been epic! So LucasArts was halfway to Disney from the get go. Now let’s get to the important bit. Disney owns Pixar. So now when you have the green screen effects and the droids and the aliens you are going to have a marriage of Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic. Of course, Pixar started as a part of LucasArts so it's more of a homecoming. George Lucas has been in bed with Disney for awhile. I'm sure we all remember Jedi Mickey and his work on the Magic Kingdom.

Now for the awesome bit, my friends. Do you remember the quote from earlier? It's okay. I wait while you read it again. That's right the third trilogy in saga is going to be made. We were promised that two decades ago and it's finally coming to fruition! Or so they say. Of course making 7 without the others would be stupid. Star Wars lives in the land of trilogies and perhaps that's the problem. I don't want to wait 3-5 years to finish a damn story. I can read faster than that and what's the point of movies if not to tell a story quicker than a book! I bet you dimes to dollars in the time it took from start of production until the end of theater run any one of you could've read The Lord of the Rings trilogy before the movies told you an abbreviated story. You all know where the quick and easy path leads.


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