Friday, December 13, 2013

The Sports Narrative Sabotage Part Deux

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The Sports Narrative gang has thawed out and is back for another round of banter while Jeff Bowers slaves away delivering all of your holiday goodies. However, El Jefe may actually grace us all with his presence off the top of the show.

The Cowboys got spanked on national TV, and the rest of the playoff race is becoming clearer. Dustin Copening and crew will fill you in on all the latest.

Then, we'll take an early step inside Mick's Pub to enjoy a drink and listen to what has The Mick's limited attention span, unless he finds another baby frog on air. If he does, then...

The Winter Meetings might be the most boring they've been in a long time, with many of the big names off the board prior to this week's events. There is some action still out there though, and Jeff Feltman will unload it all in your face like a beanball.

Next, Darren Boyd has already ordered his Nick Saban Commemorative Longhorn coffee mug. A bit premature? We'll let him share all of the latest and greatest on the impending University of Texas coaching search, along with a hearty discussion about the upcoming Bowl Schedule.

Finally, Feltman is back with his amazing Fountain of Feces. What will he shower us with in tonight's installment? I doubt even he knows until moments before the words come out of his mouth. Should be a blast, or a trainwreck you won't want to miss.

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