Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pour a Shot from the Bottle

It’s your ole buddy The Mick here stepping away from how you normally see me. I had a rant all done but it can wait a couple of days. This post isn’t going to be funny, sorry.

You see I noticed what day it is and decided to open up a bit. It’s October 10, 2012 and today would be my dad’s 65th birthday. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer on August 29th of this year. It actually started to hit me on my birthday when I didn’t get his customary phone call. Of course I chalked it up to being selfish and kept these feelings mostly to myself. But the other day I was a tool truck and was looking around and thought “Hey, dad would really like this for his birthday” and a quickly exited the vehicle. So now it’s the actual day and I was feeling torn. Should I call in, make the drive to the gravesite and pay my respects? No. Dad would want me to pull my twelve hour shift and show no ill effects of the date. He used to tell me that most people are glad that you’re miserable so act happy all the time just to piss them off. So that’s my plan. I’m going to work my shift, make my sales and stick it to the miserable jerks that I see. Tomorrow on my day off I will make that long drive out to have a moment that is more for my benefit than his but I need to do it. I once read that the first year and a day is the hardest after you lose someone because you have all the firsts without them. The first birthdays, holidays and random phone calls that made them such a part of your life that you will never have again and sometimes took for granted.

I miss you dad. I love you. See you soon.


The Mick

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