Monday, October 22, 2012

Bottom of the Bottle by The Mick

Welcome back faithful reader. Your ol’ pal The Mick is back with the funny ha-ha. Here are a couple of quick shots. Let’s double fist some bulls#!t that’s bugging me.

As I’m sure you know I’ve been hitting the gym lately. Also as you know I smoke. So before and after the gym I enjoy a cigarette and get the most incredible stares. I might as well dismember and eat a baby red panda in front of PETA. It’s not just the juicers either; it’s the last chancers too. Now to clarify the juicers are those overly tense, overly vascular, no neck guys that accomplish more with a needle than actually weights. The last chancers are the people that must be in the gym and on a strict diet plan to see the next decade. The funny bit is that it’s mainly these two extremes that give me the looks. I never imagined cliques in a gym, but, I’ll be damned here they are standing out and judging as if in high school. To me if you go to the gym then you’re in a clique and if you don’t go to the gym then you’re not in it and everyone is welcome.

The second shot is my damn writers block. If I don’t have my ancient laptop in front of me I’m brilliant and articulate. Once I turn the crank and get this thing cooking (literally sometimes) I got nothing. The ideas stop flowing like a clogged artery and I start looking at pictures of kittens. Perhaps it’s my ADD, perhaps it’s my s*!t hole day job, or maybe I’ve psyched myself out. The last blog I wrote brought an emotional response from the two people that read it and that’s the whole point of writing. Well I did it and now I’m stuck. I think I’ll just blame the awesome pain meds I’m on and the worst possible company anyone could ever work for.

I wasn’t planning on bitching about this but I’m high so f@%k it. I hate where I work during the day. I dig what I do but the jackasses I work for can burn in Hell. The company treats its customers and employees like absolute crap. They put out ads and promos but don’t tell employees or change the computer to take the discounts nor do they tell customers about the conditions to the sales. I hate it and everyday is a struggle to go there.

Ok I feel better.
The Mick

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