Friday, October 26, 2012

An Angry Mavs Fan's Rant

By Darran Boyd

Dear Mavs Fans,
Another season is upon us. And just where do we stand?
After dreaming for a year and a half about D-Will and Dwight Howard joining the Mavs that bubble burst quickly. We wanted to shop with the Nieman Marcus Xmas Catalog fantasy gifts section but quickly realized we had to shop at Marshall's instead during Free Agency. I don't blame Mark Cuban for not going to visit D Will during the recruiting process. Cuban was filming a TV show I've never heard of or watched called "The Shark Tank". Mr. Cuban knew all along that D Will would not leave the extra 26 Million on the table that the Nets could offer vs what the Mavs could offer with the ridiculous NBA Bird rights. And Howard seemed destined for LA all along, not counting the fact that the Mavs had exactly ZERO assets to fascilitate a trade. So, lets look at our Marshall's shopping additions from Free Agency.
Chris Kaman, Darren Collison, O.J. Mayo and Elton Brand. Wow! that blows my skirt up!! The Mavs are wasting the twilight of Dirk's career by bringing in these 1 year rent-a-player losers. Kaman will be injured 30 games out of the year. Brand is a declining player the last 5 years, Mayo is young but can't shoot and hit the broad side of a barn 5 ft away and Dirk is getting older with a bad knee.
Breaking news... players dont get healthy or better with age!
Yes I'm bitter. Mavs fan were sold a bill of goods called "Keep the Powder Dry." And that's just crap! Does any fan think Chris Paul will be coming here next year? Hell no!! All of this cap room will be wasted again. The latest theory the Mavs have tried to sell us on is that teams over the Salary Cap will just dump star players and the Mavs will swoop in with the cap space they have. Really? The Bulls will dump D Rose?? I don't think so. They'll dump lesser players like Deng or Boozer and the Mavs will be the Toronto freakin Raptors.
I am excited to start the season. I'm just anticipating another finish 7th place and being one & done in the playoffs again. I just don't see a bright spot in the future with this franchise. But I will give the Mavs braintrust, Mr. Cuban & Mr. Nelson, the benefit of the doubt and grant them one more year to hopefully prove me, and the rest of the NBA, wrong. And I will watch every game and ride or die with the Mavericks til the end. But just as with the Jerry and the Cowboys and the entire election process, people can only take so much bullsh*t until they tune out and stop caring. And I'm afraid my limit is fast approaching!
Frustrated Fan

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