Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Show

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On the spookiest night of the year, join the 2 Jeffs, Bowers and Feltman, as they tell you all about sports and stuff while simultaneously fending off waves of trick-or-treaters! On this episode:

- We wrap up talk of the Cowboys and the Dez Bryant situation from the Monday show

- Mr. Feltman tells us about Boston Strong and the Bearded Champs

- Mr. Bowers previews the Sports Weekend ahead so you don't miss a thing

- We wander off the sports page a bit to talk about superstitions in sports, scary movies and the best candy

- The NBA has fired up, so we talk a little hoop and debate whether the Mavs have a shot to contend this year

All that and you too at (347)308-8637

Live Halloween Night from 8-9:30 CST or download anytime after at or on ITunes

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