Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sweet Science Update

 by Darren Boyd
Fight Fans, a Super Fight is going to happen Sept 14, 2013 between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Mayweather is a defensive wizard and Alvarez is a versatile fighter, meaning he can come forward and attack or box like he did in his last fight against Austin Trout. This fight to me is Mayweather's first fight in many years where he could lose. He has been feasting on hand picked opponents who were C plus fighters like Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero or big names way past their prime guys like Miguel Cotto , Shane Mosley and Oscar de La Hoya. 
    Lets take a look at Canelo. He is 42-0-1 with 32 KO's. Title holder at 154 although this fight is at a catch weight of 152.  He turns 23 in July but has a ton of fights under his belt already. The only knock on him is the level of competition. He beat a faded Shane Mosley and won a tough fight against Austin Trout this April. Outside of speed, he will have all of the physical advantages over Floyd for this fight.  The night of the fight after he rehydrates, he might enter the ring between 165-170. Floyd seldom ads weight after the weigh in. Canelo's game plan should be to pressure Floyd and attack the body early. Cotto had similar success but he was not able to sustain it. Canelo is younger, punches harder and throws more punches then Cotto.
    Floyd is 44-0 with 26 KO's. He is coming off of a May 4 domination of Robert Guerrero. He embarrassed "The Ghost" all night, he might as well have been fighting a ghost that night because Robert just tried to load up with 1 punch all night and missed. Not a good strategy to beat the defensive minded Mayweather. At age 36, this is the first time Floyd has fought twice in the same year since 2007. Age is a cruel thing for fighters, some times they get old over night. Ill always remember the beating that Hector Camacho gave Sugar Ray Leonard back in 1997. It might not happen to Floyd here but he is fighting a young and dangerous fighter.
    In envision the fight to go as the following. I see a cautious start by both fighters as they settle into the fight over the first few rounds. Canelo, who has been known to take rounds off, will have to be active the whole way to win on the judges cards in Vegas. If Floyd is able to run for 12 rounds he will have the victory but if he stands in and slugs with Canelo like he did against Cotto. Canelo will take him out in the later Rounds. I see Canelo stopping Floyd in 10 and becoming a superstar after this fight. The time is right to pass the torch to Canelo, just like Oscar did with Floyd, and lets enjoy the ride.

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