Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rangers at the Trade Deadline: Position Players

by Jeff Feltman
The Trade Deadline Looms Part II:  Every other position….

This may be the most ill received article I ever write (until I decide to tackle football), but I feel it needs to be written.

What Do The Rangers Need, Non-pitcher edition.

This would probably be a much shorter article if I asked the question what don’t the rangers need, third baseman.  But alas, my dark side takes over and I will show you why JD needs to make several moves in the next 10 days for position players.

Like with my starting pitchers article, this comes down to your expectations.  If, like my good friend and imaginary boss Jeff Bowers says, it’s time to empty the farm and go for it all, there is a different approach than the other two options.  And those are: make moves without sacrificing the future and, screw the now JD’s children are our future, pay them well and let them stay in single and double A.  I can hear 80’s music playing when I write that line!

Without staying up way past my bedtime (we are two hours past it all ready with midnight only 45 minutes away) I will give you why the Rangers need help and who they have as options.  There will be GFIA (go for it all) and DRTB (don’t rock the boat but get us an oar).  There may also be a TSILBWNTFOTR (this season is lost but we need to fill out the roster) for positions of really bad play.

First Base:  I will be the first to admit I am a HUGE Mitch Moreland fan.  I invested heavily in his rookie cards.  I have a vested interest in him having every opportunity to make me money.  I believe that opportunity is past if you are in a GFIA mode.  He is playing ok.  But ok WILL NOT win the World Series, am I right Michael Young??

So what does the GFIA fan need?  Adam Dunn.  Sure he’s batting .210 and he’s owed a good chunk of change, but we are going for it.  And he has 24 home runs which would lead the Rangers.  I don’t know if anyone has watched the games lately, but the Rangers are NOT ripping the cover off the ball.

The DRTB fan may like to grab Mike Morse from the Mariners.  He averaged almost .300 the previous three seasons.  The kid hits lefties, a career .303 hitter against them.  And that’s worth something.  Yes he is playing right field right now, but he was a first baseman.

Second Base:  Very unlike Mitch Moreland, I am not a fan of Ian Kinsler.  I get a pain in my stomach just saying his name.  I think he is over paid and over rated.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he wears his pants and socks the right way, I would picket every game until he was traded.  That being said, here is my compliment to him: At least he doesn’t suck as bad as last year.  

GFIA fan, what’s the answer?  Hell if I know.  You’re stuck with Kinsler and his contract until the cows come home.  Short of Profar maturing three years tomorrow, you’re stuck like chuck.  Part of me thinks the only reason people think Kinsler is worth his contract is they go to and compare his stats to others on this team.  They do make him look good!

Third Base:  Nothing.  You have one of the greatest active third basemen available.  TSILBWNTFOTR fans may want to move him for more players for JD to sit on, but that’s all.

Shortstop:  Before Elvis Andrus signed his long deal, I said they should have traded him.  You now have a shortstop batting .244 with NO home runs.  This is on a team that needs offense.  But at least he is signed until 2022.

GFIA fan:  He’s sitting on your bench.  Luckily, last year he didn’t get any real Major League exposure because Ron Washington thought it more important for his regular players to lose down the stretch and get older.  You know, instead of letting the future of you team get experience in case your current short stop starts hitting .244 with NO FRICKING HOME RUNS!!

DRTB fan:  See above.

Left Field: The bad news is: David Murphy is your left fielder.  The good news is:  there are MANY options to replace him.  Would you like to know how bad Murphy has played?  I am not going to rant about him; I don’t kick people when they are that far down.

GFIA fan:  Alfonso Soriano.  He is batting .292 against lefties.  He has 16 home runs.  And the Cubs will pay you to take him!  Option B: Norichika Aoki.  Great defense, .290 average, limited power.

DRTB fan:  Chris Carter.  He is only batting .229 (don’t pick on his average, it’s better than Murphy’s!!) But he has 18 home runs.  He is an all or nothing guy.  

Center Field: Martin has played well.  So, this is one of the few positions I can’t rail on.  But, this team needs offense and if you can improve, then you got to go for it!

GFIA fan:  Alejandro De Aza:  .271 and 12 dingers.  Defense is average…..Did I mention he had 12 home runs?

DRTB fan:  See above!  And Marlon Byrd.  He is having a huge year, and presumable, PED free which is more than we can guarantee for…..

Right Field:  Without Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre, this team very well could be in last place.  Cruz continues to be himself in the face of a pending suspension and free agency.  But, if by some weird happenstance he is suspended and serves it this year before free agency, there will be a huge hole to fill!

GFIA fan:  Michael Cuddyer.  How would a .330 average with 16 home runs feel here?  It would cost A LOT to get him, but that’s what this fan is all about.  Cuddyer spent many years in Minnesota where the quality of his work didn’t really get out.  The guy can hit.

DRTB fan:  Alex Rios.  IF you pony up more cash, you don’t need to give up the farm.  This would be a very solid addition.

DH:  Anyone I mentioned would be an upgrade over Lance Berkman.  I love the player and the spirit, but it’s hard to play a game that requires running and standing when you don’t got no knees.

It’s my opinion that some minor moves will be made.  This team will miss the playoffs and Ron Washington will be fired.  But at least you’re not a Cubs fan!

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