Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ninja Golf 2013: The Open Championship

Welcome back, friends, to The Sports Narrative's Ninja Golf Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ninja Golf Challenge, here's a brief summary:

The Ninja Golf Challenge is a 2 round, fantasy golf game for every major where the player with the lowest combined score of both his golfers win a nice frosty beer. This week's beer, in honor of the British Open, is this:

A penalty is assessed if your golfer fails to make the cut and owning the winning golfer is an instant victory. Feel free to play along at home, picking 2 golfers and seeing how you do against us amateurs. The draft was conducted on live on The Sports Narrative Podcast on Wed July 17th and the results are listed below:
  1. Darren: Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington
  2. Dustin: Justin Rose and Ernie Els
  3. Jeff: Graeme McDowell and Louis Oosthusizen
  4. The Mick: Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia
  5. Feltman: Rory McIlroy and Geoff Ogilvy
The Results:

Name:        Round 1:        Round 2:        Round 3:        Final:
Darren           Even               +4                  +11               +13
The Mick        +2                 +7                  +5                 +4 (Winner)
Dustin             +7                 +16                +15 (pen)      +18 (pen)
Jeff                 +8 (pen)        +8 (pen)         +10 (pen)      +16 (pen) 
Feltman          +12                +20                +21 (pen)      +22 (pen

PS. Ninja Golf was old Atari game combining golf with a side scrolling action game. So you'd hit your tee shot and then be attacked by giant gophers and other ninja golfers on the way to your ball. If only real golf was this awesome . . .

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