Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rangers Blog from Darren Boyd

Hey Ranger Fans, the long awaited Winter Meetings are upon us starting Monday. The NFL & NBA typically have most of their Free Agents signed in 72-96 hours when the window opens while baseball likes to draw out Free Agency over many, many, many months. Anyway, here is a look at a few areas of need that our Rangers will be shopping for.
Catchers- It is a weak market but a major piece went off of it yest as Russell Martin signed a 2 yr 17 mill deal with the Pirates. Shocking to me because his camp wanted 4 yr for 40 mill. What will this say about Mike Napoli's value in the market place. He also wants 4 years but so far nobody will offer more then 3 years. I bet he is upset for turning down that 3 year 36 mill extension the Rangers offered last year. I still think the Rangers will land him for 3 years for 27 mill range. Also tonight the Rangers have to make a descion on G. Soto wether to tender him for around 5 mill or let him test free agency. Goodbye Soto unless you want to come back for 2 years and 5 mill total. If Napoli and Soto go else where I expect the Rangers to trade for a starter.
Pitching. The Golden Egg is Zach Grienke. Rumors out there that he will get 7 years and 165 mill. This would make him the highest paid right hander in MLB history if so. The Rangers have 2 billionaire owners, if they want to shell out that kind of money for him, I'm on board. You can never have enough quality pitching in baseball. Outside of Zach there is nothing on the free agent market that excites the Rangers. They will stay in house to fill out the rotation baring a major trade.
Josh Hamilton- At the end of the season I said goodbye to Josh. Btw, the only baseball jersey Ive ever owned is a Red Josh Jersey. I thought it was comical when the 7 year 175 mill rumors were out there. It seemed that the Rangers and Josh were moving on. Now that time as passed and the Market is slow for Josh I can see a Ranger return.......on the Rangers terms. Money wont be a issue its just the length of contract. Id speculate the Rangers offer 3 years with a 1 option at 25 mill a year. Will that get it done, it might. of course it just takes 1 team to fall in love with Josh and back up the Brinks truck.
Ive never understood why fans get so upset about paying players. The Tom Hicks days are long gone. The Rangers have 2 billionaire owners and a massive Fox TV contract coming up. You cant always win in Free agency but as the lotto motto says " you cant win if you don't play" We shall watch over the coming months as the Rangers add a few pieces to a 93 win team and look to get back to the promise land.

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