Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 1 Picks

Hey there, football fans and addicted gamblers! This post is for YOU! Week 1 picks against the spread. Merely for entertainment purposes, yada yada yada. Good luck!

Saints at Packers (-4.5) - Saints (to cover, 50/50 on winning)
Lions at Bucs (-1) - Lions (tossup game, don't play if you can avoid it)
Falcons (-3) at Bears - Falcons (pretty solid pick)
Bills at Chiefs (-6) - Bills (upset special)
Colts at Texans (-9) - Texans (grudgingly, hate giving 9)
Eagles (-4.5) at Rams - Eagles (while they are still healthy)
Steelers at Ravens (-2) - Steelers (Flacco has never beaten Big Ben straight up)
Bengals at Browns (-6.5) - Browns (but the points scare me a little)
Titans at Jaguars (-2) - Titans (I can't believe this line, Titans in a route)
Seahawks at 49ers (-5.5) - Seahawks (too many points for A.Smith to cover, but I like SF to win)
Panthers at Cardinals (-7) - Cards (a lot of points, but I think rough start for Cam)
Vikings at Chargers (-8.5) - Chargers (SD usually starts slow, but not here)
Giants (-3) at Redskins - Skins (upset special #2)
Cowboys at Jets (-5) - Jets (this could get ugly)
Patriots (-7) at Dolphins - Dolphins (Pats will win, but Miami D will hang tough)
Raiders at Broncos (-3) - Raiders (ugly game, but Oak running game will be the difference)

Just my gut feeling, but know that I am usually about .500 every week. Good Times!
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