Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/14 Power Rankings

This week's power rankings should be called "Confirming my Suspicions" because that is what most teams did this week. Any weaknesses that were a concern for some of the "up and coming" teams seemed to run onto the field like a naked streaker. That's what I love most about football: you can't BS it, it makes you prove who you are under the blinding spotlight of competition (something our society as a whole could use more of.) Next to each team will be their movement from last week or NC for no change. Recording the podcast tonight. Enjoy!

Power Rankings:

(Platinum level) -Chicks dig shiny things

1. Green Bay Packers (NC): Aaron Rodgers looks ridiculously good

2. New England Patriots (NC): 650+ yds of offense against a pretty decent Miami D

(Gold Standard) - At almost 2 grand an ounce, not too bad

3. Baltimore Ravens (+6): Served big notice that they are real contenders this year

4. New Orleans Saints (+1): Came darn close to beating the Champs at home. Need to address the fat guys on defense

5. Houston Texans (+5): Just destroyed the hapless Colts and look mean on defense

(Silver Medal) -Flawed, but not terrible 

6. San Diego Chargers (-3): Problems on Special Teams are still there, including losing their kicker.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (NC): A chocolate eclair team, looks really good, but soft and gushy in the middle.

8. New York Jets (-2): Winning with heart and luck can only carry you so far, like the AFC championship game twice

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (-5): Big Ben just isn't right unless he has sexual assault charges or a motorcycle wreck in the off-season

10. Atlanta Falcons (-2): My "unspectacular" grade turned into a "boring" grade on offense. Concern

(Bronze Star) - Honorable performance, just too bad you have to get shot at to get it

11. Chicago Bears (+6): Seemingly ever year they get under sold and over deliver. Not quite a believer yet, though

12. Detroit Lions (-1) As I said last week, the winner of Det/TB will be the bottom wildcard team. I still think that

(Copper Wiring) - Functional, just don't touch the high voltage kind

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1): Young team, still a year away

14. Arizona Cardinals (-1): Shreded by a rookie QB, but they'll win the division by default

15. St Louis Rams (-1): Same as last week, brutal schedule will keep them from reaching their potential

16. Dallas Cowboys (+8): Huge leap forward, even bigger if Romo wasn't Donovan McNabb part 2

17. Washington Redskins (+8): The Skins will do as they always do, Win early, fade late to 8-8 or so

(Aluminum Foil) - Use once, then recycle

18. New York Giants (-3): Injuries are gonna cost Coughlin his job

19. Oakland Raiders (-1): Great running game and front 7, if this were the 1930's, they'd be great.

20. Miami Dolphins (-1): Just a wee bit short in every aspect of the game

21. Buffalo Bills (+6): Just destroyed the Chiefs, but you can only jump up so far when you start at 27

22. Minnesota Vikings (NC): They are what we thought they were

(Wooden Nickel) - Surprising at first, disappointing later

23. Cincinnati Bengals (+8): Finally turning all that prison time into toughness on the field

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (+8): Coming from dead last in my poll is quite an accomplishment

25. San Francisco 49ers (+3): A misleading score thanks to Ted Ginn Jr, still dreadful on offense

26. Carolina Panthers (+4): Cam looks pretty special, unfortunatly the defense doesn't

(Pig Iron) - May not be a total pig, but played like it last week

27. Cleveland Browns (-4): D-line looked terrible, and mental mistakes were worse

28. Indianapolis Colts (-12): The theme for their season "Suck for Luck"

29. Tennessee Titans (-9): Bad in every facet, best play was a shuffle pass that broke free. Ugly

30. Kansas City Chiefs (-9): Their disinterest in the preseason turned into disinterest in week 1.

31. Denver Broncos (-2): When your home crowd starts chanting "TE-BOW" in week 1, you've got big problems

32. Seattle Seahawks (-6): I'll say it again, sometimes I think Pete Carroll just sucks on purpose

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