Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sabotage Reloaded

Jeff Bowers is hidden away in his bunker getting ready for an all out assault on the NFL draft in May (or just hiding from the Russians), so Dustin Copening is stepping in to fill his shoes and guide the crew threw an hour and a half of Sports Narrative Sabotage.

Ian Kinsler is none to happy about being traded to the Detroit Tigers, and he vented his frustrations to ESPN the magazine. Will joining the latest group of ex-Rangers to bash the organization backfire more on him or Jon Daniels?

Baseball also got its first look at replay in two spring training games yesterday, and Russell Wilson took over Surprise, AZ for a day. We'll discuss.

We step inside Mick's Pub to discuss Oscars and other things that bug the Mick, and we'll also ride the lightning for the best segment in radio history.

Lebron James made Miami Heat history and set a personal best with 61 points in last night's win over the Bobcats. Can anyone stop the King and the Heat from a three-peat? We take a look at the NBA playoff races with a little over a month left.

Jeff Feltman will take us inside the life of a startup professional poker player for the Fountain of Feces.

Finally, we touch on the Dallas Cowboys camp wrangling, and the Dallas Stars ride up the NHL standings.

All that and then some, tonight on The Sports Narrative Sabotage "Reloaded".

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