Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sports Makes Us "More Than Happy"

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Join The Sports Narrative crew as we happily entertain you about sports and stuff! Jeff, Feltman and The Mick bring you the best 90 minutes of your week featuring:

- A look in on the Olympics including interview abuse, judging scandals, Belarussians and USA still kicking ass 1980's-style

- We delve into the mess with Boyd's beloved Miami Dolphins including bi-polar tweeting, locker room talk and workplace vs game

- Mick's Pub is always a good place to wash bad stuff out of your mouth while Ol Mick entertains with stories about cars, nerd stuff and off-color commentary on the news

- Back to sports, the boys talk about All-Star weekend in the NBA, over-hyped trade deadlines and maybe even a live account of Mavs v Heat from Dustin

- We squeeze in anything else after that, including pitchers and catchers, soccer, NASCAR and your calls at (347) 308-8637

Join us LIVE Feb 18th 8-9:30P CST or anytime after on ITunes or at

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