Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bottom of The Bottle from The Mick

Hey it’s your old pal The Mick and I am back at it, finally. I’ve been lazy, injured, and unmotivated. Sometimes consecutively, sometimes congruently either way I wasted a bunch of time. But, now I’m back and ready to show you the other side of a hated coin. Recently, a photographer was killed after taking a few pictures of an accident and being ordered away from the scene by police. Immediately following his death, a bunch of people that didn’t even know the guy started bad mouthing him. He is f#@%ing dead and strangers are calling him stupid and screaming he deserved to be hit by a car and far worse. What kind of society do we live in? Did I mention he was paparazzi? Does it matter?

Everyone hates paparazzi, even here in Texas. WE DON’T HAVE PAPARAZZI IN TEXAS! No one here deserves it! Paparazzi hang out where celebrities hang out: New York, L.A., Vegas. Yet, everyone I’ve talked to about the incident they all said the same thing: so what. This guy was just doing his job. A s#!t job at that. The paycheck is iffy, you can’t tell your parents what you do and everyone is a dick to you. The people you are taking pictures of, other people taking pictures and the jag-offs you’re trying to sell the pictures to. At no point during your employment are you giving benefits, a raise or respect. The only hope of anyone not spitting on you at first glance is if you get on with TMZ. In India is complete caste of untouchables that hunt and eat rats, they get more respect than a paparazzi. At no point in India has anyone pissed on the still warm corpse of an untouchable. But, if you have a camera on a still twitching body and people will line up to empty their bowels, even if you still have breath sounds.

This poor guy made his living by taking pictures of an asexual douche that gets to bang hot chicks and drive expensive cars. How much bulls#!t is that? Do you think he will ever take a picture that will afford him a Ferrari? Or a Fiskar? Or a high end Kia for that matter? No. He will be driving around in his POS, beat up Honda until the day he dies. Obviously.

So what’s the moral here? That a person shouldn’t be judged by their occupation? Maybe. That in a third world subcontinent, are people that religion dictates should be treated like lepers are better than paparazzi? Perhaps. Or, since we have 100 billion planets in the galaxy and based on what we know about planetary systems, 33 billion of those planets have supported life at some point? I doubt it. What we should realize is that if that guy hadn’t been taking pictures of Justin Bieber’s car we would never have heard of his death. The bit I find interesting is the dead man had called some fool and told him that Justin was smoking weed. Shortly after the accident, his girlfriend broke up with him…..again. Just like she broke up with him after pictures popped up of him smoking weed. While they never said why they would break up I think we have the answer now. So, if you want to bang Selena Gomez, stay away from the pot.

Lesson Learned.

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