Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bottom of the Bottle Blog

The Bottom of the Bottle

By The Mick


Amanda Bynes has finally lost it.  Of course I’m not surprised as none of you should be surprised.  She was a child star just like Lindsay Lohan and Danny Bonaduce. So this latest head case has been drinking (of course), running over people (image that), and acting in a completely inappropriate manner (what?!?). Sound familiar? Are you shocked? Did you think she was different? Did you think she was somehow better than Miley Cyrus? SHE’S NOT!

All child stars are statistically doomed to utter collapse and jail time. Yes we have a few exceptions but they only provide the curve to the bell. Neil Patrick Harris, the homosexual author of the bro code, has yet to kill someone and get caught. But once again even he can be judged deviant depending on your point of view. This is where we find the real issue. Who are you to judge?

Yeah a lot of child stars end up doing stupid things, but, so do you and I. The only difference is we haven’t blown through millions of dollars (presumably) and we don’t have photographers following us (hopefully). I’m sure that at least five of the six people that read this little blog has had a few too many to be driving yet still fired up the engine. At least half of us have jumped someone that we probably shouldn’t have and locked ourselves in a changing room for about 2 hours.

All it means is that celebrities are people just like us. Sure they make millions by playing dress up and reading words written by other people. Should we be envious? Some of us should and that’s alright. Should we use them as role models? Absolutely not. For some reason when people start idolizing the literate they get placed on unrealistic pedestals. Celebrities are flawed individuals that have their negative attributes exasperated by the fact that people around them give in hoping to get a buck.

In our society we need heroes and leaders to help point us in the right direction. In the past we could look toward elected officials. There isn’t a man on this planet that couldn’t use a page from Teddy Roosevelt’s book. The church has a basically good message, but, it gets lost in the translation. So now we have turned to actors and actresses and we are all screwed.

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