Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bottom Of The Bottle

Bottom Of The Bottle
from The Mick

Ok, your old buddy The Mick is confused. I read an article saying that Madonna will strip if Obama is reelected. That is correct ladies and gentlemen if Obama is put back into office 54 year old Madonna will take off all of her clothes at an undisclosed yet public venue. Let me say that again, at an unknown place, unknown time, somewhere that you might be Madonna will be completely naked if Obama if elected for a second term. Please feel free to register to vote now, the blog will still be online when you get back.

Now for the confusing bit my friends. When I first read the headline my first thought was ‘I didn’t know Madonna was republican.’ As I read further I discovered that it wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. WHAT!?! Yes, a promise. Following an expletive laced tirade while sipping “water” she opened her shirt to expose Obama stenciled on her chest and a bra that wished it had never been made. One could admire her for such a bold statement if she wasn’t a burnt out slut that has tried so hard to escape her Jersey origins she adopted and English accent while keeping Guy Ritchie drugged for 8 years.

So let’s review, someone who hates this country so much that she left wants to tell you how to vote. This same person has made books, movies and music video using her naked body as a selling point for decades now wants to get naked again if you do what she tells you. Now you did notice I just said decades, right? Yes the 90’s were 20 years ago and that was the last time Madonna was worth looking at. I’m not saying that all women in their 50’s are gross, but she is. Okay I tried to find some hot celebs over 50, but, I couldn’t. They are all gross.

Holy crap I forgot the dumbest part of this story, the reason Madonna has such an obsession for Obama. She thinks he’s a Black Muslim and that’s the s#!t. Seriously, that’s her main reason for supporting him. Of course, Obama and his camp have repeatedly denied both claims. That’s what you get for listening to an ancient dumpster that hates the country it’s from. So please, in the name of all that is Holy and Good don’t be responsible for Madonna getting naked again. I realize that Romney may suck, but, he is all that stands between us and a naked zombie.

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