Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Musings from the Weekend

Hey there, Sports Fans!

Gonna be some positive changes to the blog in the coming weeks. I've been a little neglectful of the old blog trying to get the podcast smoothed out and up on iTunes. But the new schedule will be as follows: Mondays - Random Musings Tuesday - Power Rankings Wednesday - Podcast Thursday - The Narrative in Print Friday - Picks from the Podcast. Hope this will serve to super-serve my followers and help spread the word. Oh, and follow me on Twitter for live in-game observations @sportsnarrative. Programming Note: This week the Podcast will be on Tuesday night to get a good World Series Preview. Thanks for your patronage and tell your friends.

Random Musings - Week 6

- I believe the Madden Curse has officially caught up to Payton Hillis. Way to go, Browns Fans, for dooming your guy! Of course the runner-up, Mike Vick, isn't faring much better.

- Jim Harbaugh is one hell of a coach (clearly) But he isn't making many friends outside of the Bay Area. Could cost his team later

- Here's the way you slow down that hurry-up offense that so many teams (the Patriots especially) have started to implement: when you tackle the ball carrier, pul his shoe off! He then either has to sub out of retie his shoe. It's not illegal, so why not!

- Despite having a lot of talent, the Cowboys are just not a good team. Too much sloppiness to take the next step

- Nice tribute to Al Davis with the eternal flame at the stadium at halftime. Though I was hoping they'd launch his corpse out of a cannon across the field. You know, in a touching way.

- The next player who tries the spontaneous lateral should be fined for stupidity. It never works and usually results in turnovers

- The Tampa Bay Bucs are a really young team and still a few years away from being really good.

- Speaking of the Bucs, Kellen Winslow Jr. is an idiot and a potential cancer. That team will get better when they replace him.

- Apparently it is really hard to coach from the bench, because it was the difference in the Saints winning and losing on Sunday.

- Dez Bryant is ridiculous! The Cowboys have got to find a way to get him the ball more and keep him healthy. He is the closest thing to Randy Moss the league has seen in a while, but needs the ball!

- The McNabb era in the NFL is officially over, and the Ponder era begins. I'm afraid the new QB will learn it's about coaching, not just being old and done.

- Andy Dalton is the best rookie QB out of last year's draft, and might be the first in the playoffs if he keeps it up. Impressive.

- Atlanta is not good. A bad OL and DL is killing them.

- I'm starting to feel really bad for the Rams. I knew their first 8 games were brutal, but they might not have anyone left to play the winnable games left in the second half of the season. At least their baseball team is good.

- Rex Grossman finally turned back into the Rex we all know, and now he's gone. John Beck isn't much better, but he'll get his shot now.

- Let's not bury the Jets just yet: their 3 losses are on the road at Oakland, Baltimore, and New England. Not any bad losses (yet). But they have got to beat the Dolphins tonight and San Diego next week at home to stay competitive in the AFC.

- The Eagles defense still sucks, they just caught the balls Rex threw at them. The Redskins should have won that game. And Vick got hurt again. Not good in Philly

- The Giants are easily the best team in the NFC East when they do what they do: run the ball and rush the passer. But don't let Eli throw it 41 times each week or you will lose.

- Prediction for the World Series: Rangers in 6 Series MVP Michael Young

Have a great week all! Be good and be well!

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