Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/4 Powers Rankings

Ah, the month of October. Perhaps the greatest month for sports fans each year. Football is in full swing, playoff baseball, college football rivalries, start of hockey and (usually) basketball season. In addition, the weather starts to cool, the leaves turn and we graduate from the leisure of summer into the constant stimulus of autumn. If you don't like sports in October, then you just don't like sports. This week's power rankings will include a "Beast" from each team: a player who the other team just has no answer for. While some teams have a few, I only chose 1 per, so deal with it. Enjoy!

1. Green Bay Packers (NC) Beast Man:  QB Aaron Rodgers - Has elevated himself to absolute elite Brady/Manning status with a ton of scary weapons

2. Baltimore Ravens (+1) Beast Man: DT Haloti Ngata - The Ravens D beat the New York Jets Sunday night by themselves, and the big Tongan in the middle is a big, big reason

3. New Orleans Saints (-1) Beast Man: TE Jimmy Graham - Adding yet another dimension to that already potent Saints offense, giving Drew Brees a safety valve who can break it

4. New England Patriots (NC) Beast Man: WR Wes Welker - The 5'9'' Welker is on pace to break the single season receptions record. Enough said.

5. Detroit Lions (+1) Beast Man: WR Calvin Johnson - Megatron is where the Lions go in the Red Zone, and their is nothing you can do about it

6. Tampa Bay (+6) Beast Man: QB Josh Freeman - The third year QB (drafted behind Mark Sanchez) brings his team from behind every week seemingly

7. Houston Texans (-2) Beast Man: RB Arian Foster - The Texans have been dreadful in the Red Zone without Foster, and now with Andre Johnson out, he becomes the focal point

8. Chicago Bears (NC) Beast Man: KR Devin Hester - Why on earth does anyone kick the ball to this guy? All-time leader in return TDs

9. San Diego Chargers (NC) Beast Man: WR Vincent Jackson - The way Rivers trusts this guy and just chucks it up to the 6'5'' WR, cornerbacks have to have nightmares on Saturday nights

10. Buffalo Bills (NC) Beast Man: RB Steven Jackson - A guy from no one wanted on a team no one liked with a coach no one would hire is leading the AFC East

11. New York Jets (NC) Beast Man: CB Darrelle Revis - Perhaps the only guy on the team living up to his billing. Best corner in the league, hands down

12. New York Giants (+2) Beast Man: DT Justin Tuck - Is the key to that impressive front line, but like every other Giant, battling injuries.

13. Atlanta Falcons (NC) Beast Man: WR Julio Jones - When Matt Ryan has more than 2 seconds to throw the ball, this rookie is dynamic and fast

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7) Beast Man: QB Ben Roethlisburger - Taking a beating and slinging it around has finally caught up with this overgrown ape and his foot

15. Oakland Raiders (+1) Beast Man: RB Darren McFadden - With visions of Bo Jackson on TECMO BOWL dancing in Raiders fans heads, Run DMC is the building block for the future

16. Tennessee Titans (+3) Beast Man: QB Matt Hasselback - There must have been some magic in that old silk QB they found, for this guy has the Titans dancing up the rankings quickly

17. Washington Redskins (+1) Beast Man: OLB Ryan Kerrigan - The rookie from Purdue not only made the position shift, but has been a dominate force through 4 games

18. San Francisco 49ers (+3) Beast Man: ILB Patrick Willis - The 49ers are 3-1 despite their QB because of an impressive defense led by Willis

19. Dallas Cowboys (-2) Beast Man: WR Dez Bryant - If the Boys can keep him healthy and out of trouble, this guy could be the next Randy Moss

20. Philadelphia Eagles (-5) Beast Man: DE Trent Cole - The "Dream Team's" nightmarish defense has been shredded up the middle, but Cole is unblockable off the edge

21. Carolina Panthers (-1) Beast Man: WR Steve Smith - With the addition of a QB, Steve Smith could finally return to dominate mode that all his trash talk says he is

22. Cincinnati Bengals (+2) Beast Man: ILB Rey Maualuga - Switching to the middle has made this defense stout, and made the Bengals respectable, if they can stay out of jail

23. Arizona Cardinals (-1) Beast Man: CB Patrick Peterson - Returning punts, locking down receivers and blitzing the QB. Not bad for a rookie

24. Cleveland Browns (-1) Beast Man: QB Colt McCoy - This might have been the hardest team to pick a beast. But Colt's will to win is what powers this team on

25. St Louis Rams (NC) Beast Man: RB Stephen Jackson - This team is so beaten up, they need a horse to ride on offense, and Jackson fills that roll when healthy

26. Seattle Seahawks (+1) Beast Man: KR Leon Washington - Wholly impotent offensively, the Hawks rely on the little guy to shorten the field

27. Kansas City Chiefs (+5) Beast Man: WR Dwayne Bowe - Just about the only real offensive weapon this team has left, yet he still gets open for big catched every week

28. Minnesota Vikings (-2) Beast Man: DE Jared Allen - The wild man off the edge plays his heart out every week, just to get it ripped out every week

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1) Beast Man: RB Maurice Jones-Drew - The little bowling ball is still a fantasy stud, even playing with lesser talent around him

30. Miami Dolphins (-1) Beast Man: OLB Cameron Wake - One of the league's truly elite pass rushers, too bad he's not on a better team

31. Denver Broncos (-1) Beast Man: OLB Von Miller - Another rookie making a big impact, wish he'd been drafted by a 3-4 team though

32. Indianapolis Colts (-1) Beast Man: DE Dwight Freeney - A great effort from him and the defense the last two weeks, but still can't make up for the loss of Manning

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