Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Footballs and Groundhogs on The Sports Narrative

Well, the 2015 NFL season is over (thank goodness) and yet the sports world rolls along. But "nothing is over til we say it is!" On this week's episode:

- We discuss all things Superbowl, both on and off the field. We start on the field with Mr Bowers laying out in a nonviolent protest

- In segment 2 we talk off the field Superbowl stuff, including 1,000 hours of pre-game, the National Anthem, Halftime and Left Shark, commercials and all the other stuff in the NFL

- The Mick is finally back! We gather around the campfire and listen to him spin some yarns on his thoughts on the world at large

- It's time to pivot to other sports, starting with baseball. With several Top Prospects lists coming out, we get our baseball experts, Feltman and Dustin, to break it all down and gear us up for Spring Training

- We conclude by cramming all the other sports into one final segment including Maverick's injuries and All-Star stubs, Stars on the rise, Tiger is done, Lance still lying, Tennis down under and whatever else we can cover before the clock runs out!

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