Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Try That Again Minus The NFL

After a scheduling SNAFU by Mr Bowers cut last night's episode short, we return with a very special show about everything but the NFL! On this episode:

- We get Mr Feltman's thoughts on the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

- We talk College Football Championships, the overrated SEC and the losers of the drinking challenge

- We wander into Mick's Pub for Top Gear talk and other groovy BBC shows

- We discuss the greatness of Dirk, the Mavs streaking and the many moves of the desperate Cavs in NBA talk

- We wrap up with notes including coke in UFC, Gerrard to LA, the Stars are back in it and so much more

So grant us a reprieve and please listen LIVE Thurs Jan 8th from 8:30p until we run out of stuff

Also find us on Itunes (search thesportsnarrative under podcasts)

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